Sunday, June 5, 2011

Feature freak

Samsung released a firmware update for my camera recently. It now includes a neat little pano function - click once then pan slowly and the camera will automatically take a series of pics and stitch them together into one shot. This was really just a test shot, taken by St Kilda Road, but I liked the result, especially after a little high key treatment.


  1. Cool panorama function. Makes StKilda Rd look like a forest.

  2. This function is so cool!
    Thanks for showing us! ;-)

  3. Great shot. Great camera function.

  4. Great shot! Love that feature.

  5. Nice feature! Does that mean you can be in the photo twice like they used to do in those old school photos?

    Sort of a co-incidence but not really in that we were also going to go to the Breakfast Ck for steaks but decided it was too much of a hike from west end. And I too had a hangover but I made it out and even managed to force down a glass of red.

  6. Cara, that's an interesting thought! Get someone to stand to my left, press the shutter, then they run around behind me to my right and wait for me to pan! Great idea:-)

    Kudos to you, I still can't face alcohol 3 days later...


I still have lots to learn about photography. All comments or constructive criticism are very welcome!