Tuesday, June 7, 2011


I just realised I've posted 3 Black & White images in a row in recent days, so I thought I'd process this one to bring out a splash of colour for the very indulging and patient readers of this blog:-) This was taken on a bridge over the river Yarra, between Richmond and South Yarra stations. I love the confusion of overhead lines and girders in this one. What I don't love so much is the "Not In Service" train passing through the scene. Very frustrating when you've been waiting 20 minutes for your scheduled service to arrive...

On a slightly different note... it's lovely to receive so many kind comments about my photos. However, I realise I still have a huge amount to learn, so any constructive criticism is always welcome. Honestly:-)


  1. All those girders and wires do create an interesting kind of abstract round the train!

  2. The intersecting overhead girders remind of the Edge Auditorium at Federation Square. May be the difficulty with "constructive criticism" is that those of us who are "learning" (like me) do not feel sufficiently knowledgeable to suggest improvements and those who are experts don't want to appear superior. Maybe a pre typed introduction to the comment box stating something like "all constructive criticisms of my photography is welcomed" might encourage suggestions.

  3. Alan I really like this one love the colors and the composition. It seems like the train is coming from a stage. Easily a background for a theatre play.

  4. I agree with you, constructive criticism is very important! But how could I do that if I learn so much here?
    I always try to learn something when I see someone's work (pro or not), sometimes I don't like a shot because it's not my style, my taste, it doesn't mean it's not good...
    Talking about your pictures, many times I saw great and smart compositions, something it's not so easy for me to do, and I love when you post this kind of shot.

  5. Thanks guys, and thanks Joe and Lúcia for your observations! Just so everybody knows, if I ever read a comment that says something like "This would be nice in B&W" or "a tighter crop would be great to really focus on the subject" or "if that boat was slightly off centre, it would really make the composition", I'll be very happy:-)


I still have lots to learn about photography. All comments or constructive criticism are very welcome!