Tuesday, August 30, 2011

A stereotypical Aussie experience?

I was browsing my Melbourne photos the other night and it occurred to me that, despite my best intentions not to live my year out as one big Australian cliché, it could be argued that's exactly what I ended up doing. Witness the evidence below...

Walking on a deserted beach in Northern New South Wales..

Obtaining the mandatory "thong tan"..

Sailing around the Whitsundays, complete with wide brimmed hat and stubbie..

Doing my bit for charity..

Getting up close and personal with the native wildlife..

Buying into the Australian obsession with theme parties..

Spilling wine all over myself at the sheer sight of Kylie..

And, of course, soaking up the sun with a bottle of bubbles..

All up, it was a ball:-)


  1. I think you should sell that lot to the Oz tourist board! It all looks great, and what's wrong with being a tourist now and again?
    I'm going to have to check your passport regarding wearing that kilt. I'm not altogether sure that you qualify :)

  2. Cool shots! Alan, I have to tell you, you know how to make someone envious!!!
    I'm glad to know this time in Australia was an amazing experience for you and Anna (the outfits are great!), and thanks to that I could know your blog!
    I always wanted to hold a koala (high cuteness factor)! :)

  3. Brilliant! Particularly the Kylie wine shot. You wear the stain with such pride.

    But... this has a slight whiff of an ending.

    Surely not!?

  4. The pics do not lie - it looks as though you had a fab year! Lucky you!

  5. I agree with RedPat! What a wonderful time you must have had. I am envious.

  6. I love that fun theory website. Thanks for that.

    Looking forward to Islington Daily Photo. Right...???

  7. You had to enjoy it Alan, it was THERE!! what else could you do? Bet the Kyle concert was good, she's a sellout every time she comes home, great pics.

  8. Yep you've become a real ozzie bloke

  9. Great post Alan. I am so glad that you enjoyed Australia and particularly Melbourne. What a wonderful experience you had. Emus, kangaroos, koalas and thongs..work a bio like that we will have to make you an honorary Aussie.

  10. Craig - I was once best man to a Scotsman and wore the Macmillan tartan on the day. We're still best mates 15 years later. Think of me as an adopted brother:-)
    Lúcia - that koala was stoned on eucalyptus. She had no idea what was going on!
    Cara - Kylie has had that effect on me ever since 1987 and Neighbours:-)
    RedPat - I did! Does it show?
    Randy - It might be beautiful, but it's not Santa Fe! You have plenty of amazing things over there:-)
    Sill - Thank you!
    Grace - Kylie was amazing, especially given that we were in the VIP area and even made it backstage later!
    Mo - I'm about to become a real cockney - 15 September is the big move day.
    Joe - An honorary Aussie?? Do I get a plaque? That's going straight to the pool room:-)

  11. It has been a pleasure to meet you through your images. Great post Alan. Really glad and it shows that you had a wonderful time in Melbourne.

  12. Incredible Memories to add to your Memory-Bank. Love the Koala hug you got in there...and who doesn't like a good Thong-Tan?

    As soon as I saw this post...I knew your next one would say what it did.
    Wow on the year you had there....now go have another one(and more) there in London!

  13. Wonderful selection from your Australian photos, and I see you have had a GREAT time. Australia is wonderful!

  14. It is, Carola, you're right!


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