Saturday, March 3, 2012

Countdown to the Olympics

As some of you may know, the Olympic Games are coming to London this summer. The city is one big construction site at the moment.

I have tickets for beach volleyball at Horseguards Parade. That will be surreal..


  1. I can imagine the 'hive of activity' going on over there Alan. Did you pick the beach volleyball to remind you a little of Oz? The closest I'll get is watching on TV but the coverage is fantastic, I'm looking forward to it! What a great image to show the pre games preparation.

  2. What a fantastic sky Alan!
    You know Brazilian beach volleyball teams are A-M-A-Z-I-N-G, don't you?! ;-)

  3. Lucky you to be going to an event. I would be out to watch the marathon and the road bike races if I was there! Super shot!

  4. Yeah yeah ... beach-volleyball on HgP ... right ...

    Those fingers of the big-G are bordering on spectacular, Alan.

  5. I am looking forward to the Olympics. I like the spectacle of it all. Another terrific photograph from you Alan.

  6. You're a bit good at these silhouettes, aren't you? Very nice!
    I think I would have liked to have been on the team of people who chose the locations for the different Olympic events. And as an introductory sport: Canal Rowing - which involves the teams rowing down the Grand Union canal and hopping out every now and then to open the locks.

  7. Fantatsic shot- yes horseguards will go from its usual bastion of conservatism to a hotbed of ogling males I dare say ;-)

  8. Fabulous shot Alan. I will be over there during the second week of the Olympics and will be going to the Bronze medal men's hockey. Agree that being there at that time will be surreal!

  9. Grace - I just thought it would be a lot of fun to watch beach volleyball in the heart of London!
    Lúcia - I'll be very happy if I get to see the Brazilians in action (male or female)!
    RedPat - I did apply for mountain biking too:-)
    Julie - I refer to my recent email:-)
    Joe, Luis - thank you!
    Cara - see next post. The best I could muster from my library, I'm afraid.
    Chrissy - well, there are men's and women's events on the morning I've got tickets for. Something for everyone:-)
    Streetlounge - thanks for all your nice comments!
    Rae - we should hook up. I know some good brunch spots!


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