Thursday, June 14, 2012

Social media

Or not so social, as the case may be. Waiting for the Overground to whisk us to our various homes around the capital...


  1. Hi Alan. I do like the clean lines and surfaces in this shot punctuated by the three quite separate commuters. I also like the width height ratio. Suits this image perfectly. Your photos are worth waiting for. Hope you are continuing to enjoy London.

  2. The graphics in this shot are fabulous - the lines with the contrasting orange circle - wonderful!! I love it, Alan.

  3. This shot is so cool and sharp, I love the three characters, completely absorbed in their own thoughts!
    This week I was thinking about the many thing I miss about London, the Edwardian architecture, the variety of markets during the weekends, Boots, the museums, and obviously, the tube. I'd love to live in London again...
    Mind the gap. ;-)

  4. This really is an awesome shot Alan. One of my favorites of yours. I know I would hang this in my office.

  5. Once again my firend AWESOME! Love seeing your work.

  6. Fabulous shot and commentary of the way we live out lives Alan.

  7. Such a clever image Alan, a definite sign of our times..what on earth did everyone do when waiting for a train or bus before they had mobile phones, quelle horreur, they might have actually been 'aware' of the people around them!

  8. A great picture. Must be very late or very early to have so few people waiting.

  9. Joe - thanks. It's a standard 16:9 crop from the original 3:2 ratio.
    Pat - you need to visit London if you like that sign. You'll overdose on them within hours if you use public transport:-)
    Lúcia - Boots??! You miss Boots??! They have an online shop now - I'm sure they will ship to Brazil:-)
    Randy - praise indeed - thank you very much.
    Luis - thanks for your positive comments, all of them!
    Rae - thanks! Aren't you visiting London soon?
    Grace - I sometimes think I was born 30 years too late. I'm just about old enough to remember life before mobile phones and I think I preferred it.
    Dorthe - thank you for your comments:-)
    Mo - thanks, it was around 11pm, from memory.


I still have lots to learn about photography. All comments or constructive criticism are very welcome!