Monday, August 27, 2012

Bank Holiday London

We've just had this year's final bank holiday weekend here in the UK. I was hosting two active children and their only moderately less energetic parents, so it was quite a mission to cater for everyone's tastes, whilst also taking into account the typically unpredictable weather.

All up, I think we did pretty well. If nothing else, it reminded me how versatile London is. The sheer choice available here is mind blowing...

From soaking up the sun in one of London's royal parks....

To grinning and bearing it when the heavens open a few minutes later.

Taking cover from the downpour with a little bit of culture at the Science Museum...

Then back to the park for a bit of frisbee practice...

Before wandering up to Notting Hill to grab a prime viewing spot for the Carnival.

And rounding off the weekend with a family ride using London's bike hire scheme. This was a lacklustre attempt to reproduce the Beatles Abbey Road album cover... but with bikes...

Anyway, enough of blatant promotion for - I will try to compensate on my next post with some gritty realism from the mean streets of Britain's broody capital....


  1. it's nice to see some fun shots from London! Wish I was there.

  2. I could spent the whole day resting under the sun (and it's only Monday)...
    I'm sure they had fun with you, and they will always remember this weekend through your photos. I like the shot of the blue bikes, here they are orange (it's not my favourite colour).
    Can't wait to visit London again! ;-)

  3. You done well Alan ... Not only with the people sitting but with the captures ... I love junior sitting under the lamp-stand.

  4. Wonderful shots Alan. Looks like everyone had a great time.

  5. Glad to see that London can experience multiple seasons in one day as well as Melbourne. Nice to see everyone enjoying the great outdoors. Have fun Alan.

  6. What a host! Looks like a great time was had by all Alan, well done, you can't let a little bit of 'weather' put you off right! All the shots are fab, the last two are my favourite, bet it was great fun setting up the Abbey Road shot!

  7. A wonderful holiday tour with you in London. Great atmospheric photos and writing!

  8. I loved the tour around. Reminds me of how much I miss London and soon be back!

    :-) Dorthe

  9. I particularly love the b&w portrait just before last in your series.
    Great composition and expression.

  10. London, I really love that city :) The picture are very good, very familiar. My favoury is the last one.

    Memorias Desenfocadas

  11. Thanks for the comments folks:-)


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